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Online casino giant Asian Logic Ltd just struck a deal with Fortune Bid Holdings bvi

Online casino giant Asian Logic Ltd just struck a deal with Fortune Bid Holdings BVI, the doors to some other online casinos with some oriental twist for the Asian market open.

The land and online casino gaming companies in Hong Kong announced that it will ensure that this new page that is Fortune Bid and his company AsianLogic even on the same award-winning table though catering for different groups of customers.

The first online casino poker site Asia will find its new home at Dirty Stack Poker, but run by its subsidiary, ESL, reports showed.

Asian Logic Ltd, however, keeps its cards close to his chest on the second online casino. In fact, the online casino company has yet to reveal to the future site of the Asian Poker sites.

But reports have shown that this second online casino game is scheduled to be launched soon, because both under the control of the Playtech iPoker plateform is cool to be up for the second quarter of this year.

The announcement follows the purchase AsianLogic two weeks ago from the Asian Poker Tour and the Korean Professional Poker Tour, a move they see the course of events’ online and land-based tournaments manage together with the assumption of control over the competitions’ brands and URLs.

In the meantime, Fortune was able to bid president John Cislowski not contain his excitement, and reveals how different attractive ‘be the new Asia-twisted poker sites.

We hoped to create our own rooms for some time, but requires a strong partner already established in the market, said Cislowski.

He added that both Fortune and Asia Logic have bid already crowded with ESL for several months about the opening of two new casino online sites.

Cislowski they regarded as a great power to deal with when it comes to online casinos are expected primarily in Asia.

We are very excited about this agreement and what it brings to the table for us, he said, adding that they were lead to significant poker traffic for many years third-party sites and have an established and loyal customer base and, with our own poker room, we see this as an opportunity to make it to another level.

Asian Logic CEO Chris Parker himself is thrilled when he holds as Cislowski veteran of the gaming industry for many years and has an extensive network of sites, the players go to independent gaming sites.

Now all these players will traffic be directed to proprietary poker rooms and we are very happy with AsianLogic, his partner in these undoubtedly a very successful endeavor, he said