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PlayEuroMillions website review

A name that seems to be frequently cropping up during discussions on the topic of online lottery games is With literally hundreds of online lotto ticket vendors flooding the market and all competing for the title of “best in the business”, why is it that this company in particular seems to be leading in the popularity stakes? We decided to investigate.


First of all, who are they? PlayEuroMillions is a website that has been in operation for 16 years, and through this extensive time within the industry they have not only been a valuable contribution in shaping it to what it has become today (a multi-billion dollar global phenomenon), but their in-depth experience has also enabled them to become arguably the best online lotto ticket service provider around.

Upon opening the homepage, the site immediately impressed us with its clear and concise layout, as well as the inviting colours that urge you to begin your online lotto experience – we were off to a good start. After a few quick clicks it became apparent that this site is so delightfully simple to navigate, that even first-time users won’t have a problem in finding their way around. As far as the international lotto game selection goes, PlayEuroMillions impresses with their selection of fourteen of the best lotto titles available, curated from all over the world. The jackpot prizes on offer by these games are difficult to try to make sense of, what with rollover jackpot amounts being perfectly capable of exceeding the $100 million mark on a regular basis. Although there are some lotteries which may be foreign to you, a quick research mission through the invaluable Lottery Information section will have you feeling confident about entering the game in question.


Once you have entered your favourite online lotto game via the Play Now page, the countdown begins to the draw. In case you miss it, don’t worry – the Results & Winnings tab on the site gives you a comprehensive breakdown of all the latest draws. Overall, the experience to be had on ranks among the best!