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Microsoft Windows 10 Is Here

It seems like they were months of endless teasing from Microsoft, but Windows 10 from Microsoft is finally here. Microsoft has long been criticized for their operating systems by many people who prefer Apple’s products and software to that of Microsoft, but they have really pulled through this time because Windows 10 has only the best parts of both Windows 8 and Windows 7. One of the things you will be most happy about is that the Start menu that we have always known and loved has finally returned.

How to deal with the changes to Windows

More than fourteen million personal computers downloaded the new version of Windows 10 when it first came out, and the change actually went pretty smoothly, but there are still some holdouts. You yourself may be wondering how you are going to change over to Windows 10 when you’ve just gotten used to the last version of Windows, but it’s really quite easy.

How compatible is Windows 10 with your favorite games?

If you love online gaming, there’s no need to worry about compatibility. For example, Slots Heaven software is compatible for the new Windows 10 including the latest online slots games without glitches or any other problems to worry about. Slots Heaven Casino online is one of the best casino sites available, and that’s why it was a little worrisome that lovers of this site might not be able to play their favorite games like Royal Crown Roulette online, Bridesmaids and Chain Mail Reloaded. But worry not! These games and all others work great with Windows 10.

What are the best new features of Windows 10?

There are a lot of great changes with Windows 10. For example, the Start menu is back. Additionally, you have windowed windows for storing applications, and you even have a digital assistant named Cortana. She can do all sorts of things to help you navigate your way around this new platform just as Siri does with Apple users.

Finally, many people love the edge browser that is available with Windows 10. You can use a side browser to bring up maps, yelp reviews are other side information about whatever you’re searching for on the web.

How to get the Windows 10 upgrade

If you have a Microsoft windows based personal computer, it’s easy to get the upgrade if you haven’t already. Simply go to the updates tab and check to see if there are any software updates you can get. Windows 10 will be there and you can download it. Keep in mind that you should have your computer or laptop plugged in while you download the new updates, and it may take several minutes or up to an hour.